Tutorials on SubScript


Let me introduce myself: my name is Anatoliy Kmetyuk, I’m a student from Odessa, Ukraine. I’ve been contributing to SubScript since January 2014. I took part in Google Summer of Code 2014 with SubScript Actors project, aimed to facilitate SubScript-Akka collaboration.

Recently, a new section have appeared in this website, the Tutorials section (you can see it in the main menu bar). It contains the tutorials on SubScript to help you to start using SubScript. There are currently 2 groups of tutorials there: “Getting Started” and “Application Developers tutorial”.
The “Getting Started” tutorials explain how to start working with SubScript, as well as how to use the graphical debugger that is needed to debug your SubScript applications.
The “Application Developers tutorial” is a tutorial on SubScript language that will teach you how to write programs in SubScript.
Also, there’s another group of tutorials to be added in future: the “Core Developers tutorial”. This one will document the internals of SubScript, so that anyone can improve it, contribute to it or adjust it under his own needs.

We hope you’ll enjoy using SubScript! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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