Setting up a hosting domain

Getting a professional web hosting for your site, will make your site more secure and reliable for your customers to look and use.

A free domain name, will boost your visibility by giving your site some higher ranking.

How to Choose a Free Domain Name

To start with you need to choose the right domain name. Free sites that are all hosted by BlueHost, the largest hosting company, are usually premium web hosts that offer support at a low price.

Your choices for free domain name would include both gTLDs, such, as well as TLDs, such Even if you don’t plan to get a lot of traffic to your website, then the ability to get more exposure through such a free web hosting will be great, and there are options like wordpress shared hosting packages that are viable option for your website.

For example, a number of people have started calling their website at, a new premium domain, from its free domain name, These people have a good idea that their customers will come from there.

A person using their free domain name from BlueHost, their domain registration and DNS services, can simply visit the websites of this name, as it will be displayed in the search engine results pages of their search engine.

Converting a Free Domain Name to a Premium Domain Name

There is no need to change your current domain name. You need to make an appointment to have your domain name changed to a premium domain. It will cost around $20 and your new domain name is valid for one year, so the chances of getting lost in search engine result will be reduced.

A Domain Name that is Bad for SEO

The keyword that is going to be Google’s ranking factor of your website and its images is going to be your domain name. An unknown domain name will not rank high in Google searches and if it’s not registered properly, then your website is going to get buried in the search engine results pages. It is important to choose the domain name that is compatible with your website.

Not all web hosting companies offer domain name registration services and some don’t even offer you a domain name. However, if you do have a domain name registered with a web hosting company, then having a good quality domain name that is not available on the market, would be a plus.

How to Register a Domain Name with BlueHost

There are many web hosting companies that offer domains registration. For example, BlueHost, has a free plan that offers you a free domain name for a few days. You have to register it with their systems, and they offer high quality domain names.

The easiest way is to use their website hosting and domain name manager system called Bluehost, which is always quick to setup and access.

Once you have your domain name, you will also have to update it with the domain registrar. You can just use one of the many available domain registrars on the market, such as NameCheap, who have almost every domain name type.

Remember that if your existing domain name is of a lower quality, then you are going to have a harder time ranking higher in Google results.

Selecting a Domain Name an Online Web Hosting Comparison

When it comes to selecting a domain name, it’s all about getting the right hosting company for you.

To be able to choose a free domain name, there are a lot of reputable hosting companies on the market.