The project

Since November 2012 we are organising for a boost in the development of SubScript. This site aims to get the word out about the qualities and potential of SubScript and get more people involved.

The following work needs to be done:


Implementations of SubScript consist generally of two parts:

  • a compiler, which hopefully is rather an extension of a compiler of the base language
  • the SubScript Virtual Machine, probably written in the base language, which takes care of executing the scripts

Currently we are working on the SubScript extension to the Scala language: the VM has been implemented for over 50%. As of 20 February 2013  a rudimentary version of the compiler is ready, which is a branch of the regular Scala compiler; the available examples make clear what parts of the language are supported.

There are unit tests for various script operators; other features such as the flavors of script parameters still lack unit tests.

Once the Scala implementation is sufficiently ready other base languages could be supported. Java would not be too hard to do, since it cooperates well with Scala. Also JavaScript should well be possible, because the Scala compiler optionally produces JavaScript rather than JVM bytecode. Extending other base languages such as C, C++, C# will take some more effort.


A rudimentary but useful visual debugger is available; it will be improved over time. The GUI controller of this debugger has been implemented in SubScript.

Documentation and Tutorials

Documentation is available, but this needs more work. There are no tutorials yet.

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