This site

Obviously, like SubScript itself, this site is work in progress. We started it as part of the project to get the word out about the qualities and potential of SubScript and get more people involved.

The purpose of this site is twofold:

  • Building up the complete base of documentation, sources and other tools needed for contributing to and working with SubScript.
  • Offering the platform for and encourage the debate on all subjects relevant for assessing and futhering the development of SubScript.


André van Delft (1960) is a Dutch independent researcher on programming languages. He studied Mathematics in Leiden (BSc with Physics 1981; MSc 1985) and Business Administration in Delft and Rotterdam (MBA 1985). André then worked 4 years as a scientific assistant Software Engineering at Leiden University, where he started working with the Input Tool Model (ITM) by Jan van de Bos. Thereafter André did consultancy on various software development projects, and from time to time he worked on successors of ITM, the latest of which is SubScript. From 2006 to 2012 André was a scientist at NATO C3 Agency in The Hague, in the Computer Aided Exercises team.

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