Dataflow Programming

Dataflow programming is a programming paradigm that models a program as adirected graph of the data flowing between operations. It is mainly used in Unix shell languages: small single-purpose tools are easily glued together using the pipeline symbol: |. Mainstream programming languages do not support it, though there are some libraries around.

SubScript supports dataflow programming though its network operator ==> and communication scripts ending in a double arrow (<= and =>). Continue reading announced on Reddit and Lambda-the-Ultimate

Today we announced on Reddit and Lambda-the-Ultimate. We hope this will raise interest from programming language researchers, and that some developers will get aboard on the project. If you like this web site, please share it on Facebook and Twitter.

In the second half of February 2013 we will probably give a presentation and a hands on workshop at EPFL in Lausanne, the place where Scala is developed. We hope have a SubScript compiler ready then, branched from the Scala compiler. A more detailed announcement will follow here by the end of January.